Do you suffer from a loose vagina? It’s a common complaint that many women worry about and often drives women to wonder how to make your vagina tighter overnight.

If you feel that over time your most intimate area has become stretched or widened then don’t worry – there are solutions but some are less invasive than surgery like the very popular V-tight gel (available online at the lowest price here). It is becoming used by more and more ladies looking to rejuvenate their vagina when wondering how to keep it tight down there.

Lots of women stress about having a flappy vagina or being too loose for enjoyable sex. These women suffer with a wide vagina for their whole life as they don’t take action. A common reason for this is embarrassment to find the help they need to look for ways to restore the tension to their genital opening.




There really is nothing to be embarrassed about though. Vaginal loosening happens to millions of women and the real sadness is that many are not brave enough to take the courageous steps that you already are by reading this article.

make your pussy tight again

You’re on your way to doing something about your problem and, whether you realize it or not, you are already on the path to a tighter vagina. The important first step is done and now you need to take action and V Tight gel is the option we recommend.

This resource has been created to let you know the intimate secrets that plastic surgeons don’t want you to find out about. By following the recommendations and actions here you will soon be back to your old self and restoring the tautness you had before by following one of the tips below or by undergoing surgery. We also have a comprehensive guide for vaginoplasty.

It’s not unusual for women to ask “is the vagina a muscle”? Of course it is and as such there are ways to increase the strength you have down there.


Sex will be stimulating for both of you and there will be no more worrying if you’re tight enough for you partner to enjoy sex with you.

Your confidence will be restored and your sexuality will return. I got my incredible results using V-Tight, the best vaginal tightening cream on the market. I feel like a new woman. I love the new me and I no longer feel insecure, in fact I think I’m having the best sex of my life and what really makes me happy is that my husband is sexually satisfied. If anything he badgers me a me a little too often now!

How to make your pussy tighter



Generally, the vagina becomes loose when the vaginal muscles become relaxed. A vagina is considered loose if the walls are not firm enough or the vaginal opening becomes stretched.


During labor, the vaginal and cervical muscles of a woman enlarge and contract constantly. In addition, the baby’s arrival through the vaginal canal can leave you stretched. As a result, the vagina can lose its elasticity and strength and become loose.

Many women are concerned that child birth has left them stretched wider. Some think that they never “sprang back” to the women they were but medical science tell us is this is not true. As long as there is a recovery period between children you will be fine. If you have 5 children in the space of around 5/6 years then that can cause the vagina to loosen as there is not sufficient time for the vagina to contract back into shape.


This can be confusing as lubrication is your body’s natural way to ready for intercourse. Wetness is not to be confused with tightness as it does not affect the walls of the vagina. Due to the intake of excessive drugs or medications by women, the vagina can become extremely wet and feel sloppy. However, the problem of excessive lubrication is often solved when the hormones become balanced. In addition, exercising regularly and eating a vegetable-rich diet will help thin down the vaginal fluid and helps solve the problem of wet vagina.


how to make your vag tighter instantlyAnother misconception is that an impressive sexual appetite is to blame for making your vagina too big and has caused a slackening.

Again this is not true.

Some women may be put off from sex as they worry that it may be making things work when in fact quite the opposite is true.

A good orgasm or 2 never hurt anyone and the added bonus is that the orgasmic contractions are in effect vaginal exercises that strengthen the vagina. This helps create a firm, taut and narrow vagina.

So what’s to blame? Simple.


The pelvic floor muscle slackens with age. If looked after it will last you your whole life but as with any muscle. If you neglect it it will become weaker and softer.

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• If you can enter two fingers in your vagina simultaneously without any pain or resistance, you have a loose vagina. In addition, if the vaginal walls are unable to snug an index finger, it indicates that the vaginal muscles are loose.

• When the vagina becomes loose, there is either little or no sexual pleasure experienced by a woman and her partner.

• When you require large objects to achieve sexual stimulation during masturbation, it indicates that vaginal opening has enlarged.





Tightening vaginal muscles does not always require surgery although this may eventually be needed. There are steps you can take before having to make the leap to visit the surgeons though.

There are a variety of ways to tighten vaginal walls that are easy to do and inexpensive. Here are some top tips to regain the vaginal firmness you had in your youth by naturally without the risk of a medical procedure.


Kegel MagicYou may know them as pelvic floor exercises. They target the weakness that cause a vagina to loosen and by stimulating the muscle you will increase the level of control you have over contracting and being able to tighten your vagina around your partners penis.

Kegel exercises are one of the most popular methods for tightening and toning vaginal muscles. These exercises which are usually recommended for women after delivery. They require a woman to compress her groin muscles and then relax them later.

To do a kegel exercise you must imaging stopping urinating mid-flow. If you can do that you can kegel! Do this for 5 second contractions around ten times in a row. Repeat 3-5 times daily.

Kegel is also great if you struggle with a weak pelvic floor and leaking urine. Kegel Magic is a popular programme that is used world-wide. We’ve sourced the best price for this kegel program.

Kegel exercises should be done regularly to attain positive results. The process of contraction and relaxation should be done at least five times in a set. A total of four sets every day is highly recommended.





Apart from providing physical fitness benefits, performing squats can be highly beneficial for vaginal tightening. To do squats, stand straight and position your feet at shoulder level. Tuck in your hips. Begin bending close to the knees and gradually lower your body down. Add hand weights for better results.


To do this exercise, lie flat on your back. Raise your legs alternatively towards the ceiling. Remember to keep your legs straight whenever you raise or lower them. For best results, do this exercise for 10 minutes, few times a day.
Here is a great video to get you started.


Also known as Yone Eggs & Kegel weights they are used by to strengthen the vaginal muscles and are commonly used if Kegel exercises aren’t quite enough for you. These weighted eggs are inserted into the vagina while you try and stop the balls from exiting at the labia. It is not an easy task but can really improve control.




When beginning you are best advised to only do this at home as it can be tricky to keep the balls in place. Once you are increasing you vaginal muscle tone you can begin to use these out of the home too.

You can then take this a step further and move into lifting weights attached to the inserted Yone Eggs.

To find out more on this read our full review on vaginal weightlifting and learn how you can use these exercises to increase control and contractions of your vagina.


A vaginal cone resembles a standard tampon, but has weights attached to it. To use it, insert the cone into the vagina and allow the weights to hang out. Using your vaginal muscles try clinging onto the weights for a few minutes before releasing it. If you do not feel challenged enough, add additional weights. Do this procedure several times a day.


A really popular type of cone is the Serre Stick which tightens and lubricates the vagina in minutes while also fighting odour by cleansing the canal too. Hundreds of women have used and reviewed this miracle stick meaning it has been well an truly tested and is deemed a successful way of keeping it firm downstairs.

Find out more about the Serre Stick here.





Using tightening creams or gels are another common method for tightening vaginal muscles. To use a cream or gel, apply it above the vaginal opening as well as inside the vagina. One of the most popular vaginal tightening gels is the V- tight gel. Completely safe, this gel is considered to have the least side- effects.

However, since tightening creams or gel may contain certain ingredients that can cause allergic reactions, they may not suit every woman so consult a medical professional if you’re unsure.

Using aloe vera gel is one of the top natural remedies for vaginal muscle tightening. To use this remedy, remove the gel from a mature aloe vera leaf and apply it to the innards of the vagina. For best results, do this procedure several times a day. Using the gel regularly can help alleviate vaginal prolapse.


I stumbled across V Tight Gel when I was considering vaginal rejuvenation surgery. I had been apprehensive about the finality of undergoing a medical procedure and thought that this cream was a good opportunity to give a natural remedy a try first.

It claims to work at tightening your vagina within a few minutes of application. I won’t go as far to say I noticed it that fast but after 2 days I was certainly feeling tighter and more in control of my vaginal functions. Using it in conjunction with kegel exercises is said to reduce the time it takes to see results and V-Tight even offer an exercise program that is pretty impressive.

V-Tight is a completely natural cream and made from Manjakani extract which is used commonly in Asian medicine. Women from Asia have been using this extract for centuries so it really is tried and tested. It is so natural that you can even have sex in minutes after applying the gel.

I was so happy with the results that I felt compelled to write a V-Tight Gel review and try to help other women like make a change in their life for the better. I took a chance and it has made me incredibly happy – my vagina is tighter and more sensitive, my sexual arousal level heightened beyond recognition and my relationship is the best it’s ever been.

My recommendation would 100% be to try this gel. Don’t delay changing your life. Your husband will thank you for it and remember. Take action or nothing will change.

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Labiaplasty, essentially, refers to surgery on the exterior parts of female genitalia. More often than not, women are unhappy with the size of their labia minora and labia majora, leading them to seek professional help in labia reductive surgery. Basically, most women dream of having neater, more stream-lined genitalia. While this may have a lot to do with general aesthetics, there are many women who deal with serious discomfort in this region.

Elongated or enlarged labia often lead to a range of self-confidence issues. Especially during moments of intimacy, women tend to be self-confidence about the appearance of their labia. This tends to detract from the basic enjoyment of the sexual experience, for both partners. In other cases, women struggle with personal hygiene, causing pain and irritation in their genital region. Enlarged labia can also cause serious discomfort during normal daily activities such as long-distance walking or cycling.

While labia surgery generally refers to the reduction of the labia majora or minora, it can also refer to other procedures. Augmentation, pigment modification, and the removal of folds or bulges are often requested by patients. Any physical “deformities” in and around the labia can be corrected with cosmetic surgery.

This surgery is defined as “intimate” and is performed on an incredibly sensitive area of the body; therefore, anesthetics and anti-anxiety drugs are required. Depending on the extent of the tissue removal, the surgeon will choose between laser tools or more traditional surgical implements. Pain and discomfort are to be expected post surgery, and painkillers will often be prescribed as a part of the post-operative care plan. Proper wound care will need to be completed, as the full recovery time can take a few months.

Scarring can occur, though these are often barely visible. In order to reduce the chance of more apparent scarring, proper wound care will need to be implemented. This highly sensitive area of the body is also susceptible to infection if not cleaned properly. Patients will be provided with a proper and thorough post-operative care plan that must be adhered to in order for the surgery to be completely successful.


Many women have large labia. The condition is by no means rare. However, in some cases, the effects are more pronounced than in others and it may become necessary to seek medical treatment. At least 1 in 3 women have enlarged labia, or one labia that is larger than the other. This may be aesthetically unappealing to particularly self-conscious women, and may also cause discomfort.

Essentially, the labia are the vaginal “lips” that protect the clitoris and opening of the vagina. There are two sets of these lips. The labia majora are the outer lips while the labia majora are the inner lips; the latter part causing the most frequent complaints among women. Many women are unhappy with the way their genitalia looks when the labia minora are larger than the labia minora.

While there is no accurate way of determining what “normal” labia should look like, it is generally considered to be more aesthetically appealing when the labia minora are smaller and tucked neatly between the labia majora. Some women would prefer to have their labia minora hidden entirely, completely invisible from the exterior. In the end, the size of a woman’s labia is all down to genetic diversity and the aesthetic appeal is generally determined by personal preference more than anything else.

In some cases, however, enlarged labia can cause discomfort. Longer labia tend to rub against clothing, causing unwanted friction. Because the skin in this part of the genitalia is so sensitive, friction can lead to rawness or tearing. Eventually, this can lead to inflammation and infection. Continued infection often leads to unwanted scar tissue or other complications. Women who are particularly active in the sporting world deal with a huge amount of discomfort, and as such a labial reduction may become necessary.

Painful sexual intercourse is another major reason for this type of cosmetic surgery. Essentially, the friction that occurs during the act of lovemaking can be incredibly painful if the labia minora are too long. Excessive pinching and pulling can lead to tearing; making what should be an enjoyable experience a little too uncomfortable to bear.

Embarrassment and low self-esteem about the size and appearance of the labia can often cause intense emotional and psychological distress. Something as simple as a trip to the beach can become a nightmarish experience. Intimacy becomes a serious issue for women who are uncomfortable with the appearance of their genitalia. Cosmetic surgery is often the best solution, especially when counseling and therapy do not quite manage to hit the mark.

Labial reduction surgery is a fairly simple procedure. However, due to the sensitive nature of the operation site, recovery time can take a few months. Patients will discuss the desired size and shape of their labia with the surgeon, who will take the time to accurately mark off the amount of tissue that needs to be removed. Depending on the size of the treatment area, general or local anesthesia will be administered. The unwanted tissue will be carefully removed and the wound sutured with 2 to 3 layers of surgical stitches.

Two methods of tissue removal are possible with this type of surgery. The “trim” method is most common, and simply involves the careful trimming away of excess tissue until the labia minora are level with the labia majora. This method also assists with pigmentation complaints, as it involves the removal of darker tissue until the pink, more desirable tissue is exposed. The slightly less common “wedge” method involves trimming a v-shape of unwanted tissue and then suturing the two edges together to form a straight line. With this method there is minimal scarring.

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With all of the social pressures placed on achieving physical perfection, women have it tough. That may sound like a fairly bold statement but the fact of the matter remains: almost every woman believes herself to be flawed in some way. However, despite the current trends in cosmetic surgery and the overwhelming freedom women have in terms of beautifying themselves, labial and vaginal surgeries are not quite as “well-mentioned” as other procedures. There is absolutely no good reason for this taboo. Every woman has the fundamental right to be who she wants be, and that right extends to every part of the feminine form.

Any woman’s reasons for vaginal surgery are her own, and therefore entirely plausible. More than a few women are unhappy with the size and shape of their labia, and they have every right to seek out the assistance of a surgeon experienced in labiaplasty procedures. Other woman require vaginal rejuvenation for a variety of different reasons, all of them reconstructive and therefore of the utmost importance. For any woman to truly feel like a goddess, her most personal body parts should be in the condition she desires.


Vaginoplasty is an intimate form of surgery that should not be taken lightly. Reasons for this reconstructive surgery range from physical pain or discomfort, all the way to emotional or mental problems. Whatever the reason, any woman who desires this type of surgery should be aware of the basics.

Stress incontinence or general discomfort following childbirth are the two most common reasons for this procedure. During delivery, the vaginal muscles become slack in order to facilitate the temporary widening of the vaginal canal. In some cases, the muscles do not regain their full strength after childbirth, causing an involuntary loss of urine. This is a condition that cannot always be remedied with pelvic exercise. Vaginal tightening assists in re-strengthening these muscles, thus eliminating the embarrassment of incontinence.

Menopause can cause the vagina to become enlarged, leading to the same symptoms as those caused by childbirth. Age, in general, can also cause the muscles in the vaginal canal to relax a little too much. Trauma, injury, or disease can also cause the vaginal lining to become loose or damaged, necessitating reconstructive surgery to assist in bringing back a woman’s intimate comfort and self-confidence.

A prolapsed pelvis is another uncomfortable condition that can be remedied with vaginal tightening procedures. Internal pressure on the vagina can cause extreme discomfort, particularly when wearing tighter clothes. When scar tissue rubs against this clothing, debilitating pain or infection could occur.

Vaginal tightening and reshaping can also assist in improving the amount of pleasure a woman experiences during sexual intercourse. Many women suffer from medical or physical complications that cause their vaginal muscles to slacken. This not only has an adverse effect on the concept of lovemaking, but often causes a dive in self-confidence or perhaps even depression.

Reconstructive surgery is the best way to repair damaged tissue, tighten loose muscles, and improve the overall shape and appearance of the vulvic region. Tightening up the lining of the vaginal canal assists in creating a more youthful appearance and overall feeling of comfort and general well-being.

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