With all of the social pressures placed on achieving physical perfection, women have it tough. That may sound like a fairly bold statement but the fact of the matter remains: almost every woman believes herself to be flawed in some way. However, despite the current trends in cosmetic surgery and the overwhelming freedom women have in terms of beautifying themselves, labial and vaginal surgeries are not quite as “well-mentioned” as other procedures. There is absolutely no good reason for this taboo. Every woman has the fundamental right to be who she wants be, and that right extends to every part of the feminine form.

Any woman’s reasons for vaginal surgery are her own, and therefore entirely plausible. More than a few women are unhappy with the size and shape of their labia, and they have every right to seek out the assistance of a surgeon experienced in labiaplasty procedures. Other woman require vaginal rejuvenation for a variety of different reasons, all of them reconstructive and therefore of the utmost importance. For any woman to truly feel like a goddess, her most personal body parts should be in the condition she desires.


Vaginoplasty is an intimate form of surgery that should not be taken lightly. Reasons for this reconstructive surgery range from physical pain or discomfort, all the way to emotional or mental problems. Whatever the reason, any woman who desires this type of surgery should be aware of the basics.

Stress incontinence or general discomfort following childbirth are the two most common reasons for this procedure. During delivery, the vaginal muscles become slack in order to facilitate the temporary widening of the vaginal canal. In some cases, the muscles do not regain their full strength after childbirth, causing an involuntary loss of urine. This is a condition that cannot always be remedied with pelvic exercise. Vaginal tightening assists in re-strengthening these muscles, thus eliminating the embarrassment of incontinence.

Menopause can cause the vagina to become enlarged, leading to the same symptoms as those caused by childbirth. Age, in general, can also cause the muscles in the vaginal canal to relax a little too much. Trauma, injury, or disease can also cause the vaginal lining to become loose or damaged, necessitating reconstructive surgery to assist in bringing back a woman’s intimate comfort and self-confidence.

A prolapsed pelvis is another uncomfortable condition that can be remedied with vaginal tightening procedures. Internal pressure on the vagina can cause extreme discomfort, particularly when wearing tighter clothes. When scar tissue rubs against this clothing, debilitating pain or infection could occur.

Vaginal tightening and reshaping can also assist in improving the amount of pleasure a woman experiences during sexual intercourse. Many women suffer from medical or physical complications that cause their vaginal muscles to slacken. This not only has an adverse effect on the concept of lovemaking, but often causes a dive in self-confidence or perhaps even depression.

Reconstructive surgery is the best way to repair damaged tissue, tighten loose muscles, and improve the overall shape and appearance of the vulvic region. Tightening up the lining of the vaginal canal assists in creating a more youthful appearance and overall feeling of comfort and general well-being.

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